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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Serial actress lena's navel slip while she is iorning the dress

Malayalam serial actress lena accindently showing her navel.Now she started to acting in films also.She got popular by acting in a malayalam serial telecasted in asianet, omana thingal pakshi.Nowadays she started to act in sexy roles.Lena is very beatiful and fair.Lena is looking very sexy in the rose saree.But modern dresses are more suitable to lena.

Malayalam actress lena hot navel show
Navel slip of lena


Anonymous said...

what is wrong in a navel show in a very beautiful pesentable woman ,it makes her look all the more graceful i strongly feel the mallu physche is distorted and disturbed , i think the mallu needs to change drastically sincerely prof dr t m saratchandra prasad panicker consultant physician/cardiologist

Anonymous said...

i certainly would like a wife who looks like her and certainly feel a woman like her would be an asset to me sicerely prof dr T M SARATCHANDRAPRASAD PANICKER CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN /CARDIOLOGIST

Anonymous said...

nice observation :p